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Tito Ortiz Hangs Out With His Wang Out

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So hey! This week must be the week for “unexpected” nude photo leaks, ’cause MMA fighter Tito Ortiz released one (OK, it was hacked) of him standing somewhere that looks like a spa, or a sauna room, with his LONG FLACCID PENIS hanging out. The best part of the pic? Boyfriend looks STOKED over it. The shit-eating grin just says it all. Says what, you ask? It positively screams, “Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?” “Man, if I could knock a bitch out with this gigantic crank during one of matches, they’d be out cold FER DAYZ.”

And also, what’s with the influx of soggy peen photos? I mean, photos of peen are good in any case, but wouldn’t they be much more impressive and exciting if the soldiers were actually on active duty?

Jump in for the NSFW photo of Tito Ortiz’s mang:

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