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That Whole Thing With Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz? Yeah, Forget it Ever Happened. Okay?

It’s just what they want you to do at this point so be a pal and lose it, alright?

TMZ spoke with the weird-assed couple and both parties claimed that everything that went down was embellished for dramatic purposes and they just want to be left alone about it now.

Jameson tells TMZ:

“What actually happened has now been dramatically distorted and misinterpreted and remarks that both Tito and I made after the police arrived reflect the state of shock that we were both in.”

Tito’s lawyer has spoken out on his behalf and says that the entire situation was “a big misunderstanding.”

Read: We’re both really unstable individuals and don’t want Child Protective Services to get involved, so we’re pulling the plug on the dramz.

Noted guys, thanks.

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  • The big understanding is that Tito’s jaw is bigger than the brain part of his head and that her bra size exceeds her IQ.

  • Sarah, I think you’re exactly right. Sucks for their kids that their parents have such a volatile relationship.

    • Hmmm, really? I wonder if it sucks that all their kids friends are watching film of their mother taking dicks in the ass or munching on poontang. Forget the volatile relationship part, those kids are totally screwed!!!