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Love It Or Leave It: Lauren Conrad Goes Dark for Lucky

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It’s official, ladies and gentlemen: Lauren Conrad has made it to the big time. Why, you ask? Because I do reckon that this is the first time that I’ve personally written about her on Evil Beet. Does that mean I have a sense of over-inflated importance? Probably. But a lot of other people do, too, so I’m just going to run with that for today. It’s Friday, after all. And we’re talking about LAUREN CONRAD, anyway.

Anyway, the annoying girl that did whatever on that annoying show, The Hills, is in a magazine. The magazine is Lucky, and she did some photo shoot where her traditionally-blonde hair was dyed dark at the roots, and extending downward quite a bit.

I’m not of fan of Lauren’s (or any of the other girls on that show), and I don’t really care what she’s doing these days with fashion, or who she’s dating, or really whatever, but I actually like her much better as a topped-off brunette. It makes her … semi-memorable. What do you guys think? And do you, generally, even give a crap about Lauren Conrad?

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  • Kills the Marcia Brady look and makes her seem more womanly. Her face looks longer, but I think it’s just the pic.

  • I hope she can find a surgeon to fix her arms and legs. It would be good if they looked human.

  • I respectfully, and not so respectfully actually, disagree with you. Lauren Conrad is a great role model to young girls around the world, is a New York Times bestselling author, has given back to countless charities including Feeding America, and even self-funded her own clothing line Paper Crown. Now out of these things, you choose to ask our opinion on this “annoying girl”‘s hair color? But I’m glad all you and all of the people leaving responses thus far care about is her appearance. Weeping for the future.