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Joke’s On You, Haters of The Hills!

For four years we’ve watched The Hills grow from a Laguna Beach spin-off to one of the highest rated shows on cable to a nearly unwatchable faux-reality snoozefest and last night it all came to an end. And it honestly was one of the best finale’s I’ve seen in a minute.

After wrapping up all of the story lines and addressing that pretty much everyone in the cast is ready to move on to a life without The Hills crew following them, the series ended with the above montage. Natasha Bedingfield sings a slow jammy version of the show’s theme over the cast members doing “moving on” type things, like hugging their boyfriends and looking happy and secure. We’re prepared to let them go knowing that they’re all about to go off and live life. Then they cut to the last thing we’ll ever see: Brody Jenner standing in front of the Hollywood sign, watching his ex-girlfriend Kristin leave for the airport. And then the background starts moving and a studio backlot is revealed. Kristin hops out of the car and she and Brody high-five as the camera lifts off of them and into one of those aerial shots that made up like, a third of the show.  Yo, they were in on their own bit.

The Hills started the week I moved to Los Angeles, and last week I celebrated my four year anniversary in this town. This show, lame as it is to say, has been a part of my life and experience here. I cried when Lauren and Heidi stopped being friends, guys. It was like that. So it meant a lot to me that the show ended this thoughtfully. I don’t think that when cameras first started rolling on the project that they ever knew it would take them to where it did, but that’s kind of the way things work here.

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    • Too close to call but I’m leaning towards the writer. For God’s sake, you look about 35 or thereabouts, why are you still behaving like a thirteen year old girl?

      • Never watched. Hate all of the “actors” that have come off it. Sick of pseudo celebs like these talentless hacks (I’m gauging their talent off the opinions I get from my 18 year old students who do still watch MTV).

        I thought most people stopped watching MTV sometime around their sophomore year in college when they realized that MTV is crap. Then they move on to VH1 which is entertaining until you graduate college and have your first job. Then you watch E! until you get married and realize that celebrity gossip is fun to read but kinda lame to watch. And then I guess you go on to shitty shows like American Idol and the Bachelor and Survivor. And then you die.

  • i never watched the hills until now, been watching the firsts seasons and it turned out to be really entretaining, but ever since lauren left the show it got horrible, and this last season… i can’t even put some words togheter to describe it… totally lame i guess

  • I just want to know if these people are really as dumb as they seemed on the show or was that acting as well