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Britney Parties Like It’s 1999

photo of super hot britney spears 2011 pictures photos

Girlfriend’s getting better (supposedly), her career is on the up and up again, so what’s a lonely girl with fucktons of money to do when she’s bored? Throw a southern-themed party at a private residence in Beverly Hills!

Britney, whose body is looking AH-MAZING in these photos, seems like she’s having a good time, and she’s glad to be hosting big galas that attract big names, but the number one thing that gives away girl’s true mental state? Her askew and awry eyebrows. I mean DAMN. There’s a close-up in the gallery down there and if those stray strands don’t just scream ‘I’m not well!’ then I don’t know what does.

Also, Kelly Osbourne put half of the weight she lost back on (such a bitch when that happens), Mandy Moore‘s better-looking twin was in attendance, Selena Gomez looks like someone threatened her life to force her into being there, and Jason Trawick is still wondering what the fuck happened.

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  • Finally Britney Spears is looking hot again, not like the trailer living crack whore of the last few years. Good to see a girl go from super hot, to not, to sexy again.

  • Britney’s eyebrows ARE horrendous. Holy shit!!! Not to mention…I dislike how her eyes always look sad. There’s no light to them, no happiness.

    Yes, yes, her body’s bangin’ though. Seriously.

    • Yep totally agree…… damn them some hairy eyebrows – hope she gets some light in her eyes soon……..