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Mandy Moore

What Has Mandy Moore Done to Her Face?

A photo of Mandy Moore

No, yeah, that’s Mandy Moore. This is also Mandy Moore:

A photo of Mandy Moore

Oh, but hey, one more time:

A photo of Mandy Moore

Are any of you guys kind of freaked out? Because this is kind of freaking me out. Mandy Moore used to be so, so adorable. Check it out:

A photo of Mandy Moore

Right? She used to sing songs about candy and star in sweet movies like A Walk to Remember, and now she has a whole different face and I don’t even know who she is anymore.

So what’s going on with this? I have no idea, but luckily, Radar was able to speak with a plastic surgeon who’s never met Mandy:

“It is very possible that she’s had some work done. I suspect she may have undergone Botox injections to her forehead, causing her eyebrows to change shape and flatten,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the actress and singer, told in an exclusive interview.

“It also appears she may have undergone a chin implant, making her jaw look more square. Overall, these changes make Mandy look a lot more masculine.”

What do you guys think?

Mandy Moore Has an O

This is a snippet of Mandy‘s latest film, Swinging With the Finkels. Sounds interesting, right? According to IMDB:

A suburban couple decide to shake up their marriage by “swinging” with another couple.

Um, boring. But as for the video, it started off pretty hot. Especially when she got the cucumber (? vegetable-like vibrator?) out. But it was completely unrealistic. What woman plans a single-sex sesh fully clothed, and then laughs like they’re at their family reunion and Aunt Tilly is just sooo funny? I mean, who guffaws during an orgasm? How is that shit funny? Am I the only one here that likes it half- or fully-undressed and more sensual, rather than comical? Oh Mandy.

Love It or Leave It: Mandy Moore as a Ginger

photo of mandy moore pictures red hair tangled photo

I know some of us wish that Mandy Moore would fall into a hole and, um, just keep falling, but I never really had much of a problem with her. Except for that one time when I was dating this guy the summer after high school, and I went to his house that one time where he wanted to show me something in his room (and it wasn’t his penis that time, OK?) and when I went up there, I saw posters and pictures of Mandy Moore plastered all over the walls. I’m not gonna lie – I felt a little threatened. All I had in MY bedroom were blacklight posters, Magic Eye pictures, and glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. So yes. My naive, insecure eighteen year-old self felt threatened. But not as threatened as I was, I guess, by what he called me up there to see: a fucking horrible-ass tarantula.

We broke up not long after that.