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Jesse James Slams Sandra Bullock, Says She Isn’t a Great Lay

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Oh man, of all the low, dirty, fucked up things a butt-hurt douchebag like Jesse James could do, he’s done the low of the low: on a live Howard Stern interview, after being asked about his affair with multiple skanky women, James compared his current chick (Kat Von D) with his ex-wife, Sandra Bullock and claimed that while Kat Von D was superb in the sack, Bullock left a lot to be desired. According to Radar Online:

In a raunchy appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius satellite show today, James gave a thumbs up to fiancée Kat Von D for her prowess in the sack. He then alluded that Sandra Bullock lacks talent in dancing the horizontal manbo.”That one is an easy no-brainer,” Stern said after wondering who’s better. “Kat Von D. One hundred percent,” James replied. “She’s a vixen. If she cheated on me, I would forgive her and still love her.”

Jesse also sort of claims that the whole cheating thing went on for much longer than everyone originally thought:

“She could stand there in front of the world and say she loved me, but in my mind I was thinking, ‘Yeah? Bullshit. You don’t love me. I’m just some biker kid,’” he confessed, adding that he began straying from the Blind Side star two years after their 2005 wedding.

So there you have it, folks. Just in case there was a remote shred of respect that you might have had for Jesse James (for whatever stupid fucking reason your brain might have rationalized), it should probably go out the window, along with your stupid Monster Garage paraphernalia.

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  • Yeah….. I’m sure the herp riddled slit he’s currently with is the fuck of the ages!! Can’t say I know Sandra, but she sure seems nice enough. Cory Miller on the other hand, I know through mutual friends & Kat is a raging bitch who is known for fucking over friends. I hope these two form a suicide pack when their world crumbles.

  • Women, this should be lesson for ya — avoid tattooed tool bag bad boys whenever possible. There’s a heavy price to be paid in the long run.

  • Jesse cheated on Sandra and she’s classy enough to not say anything. I hate this douchebag even more now! SHUT THE HELL UP ass****!

  • lol.. this guy actually said “i’m just a biker kid”?? he ain’t no fucking kid, he’s older than hell! What a douchebag.

  • kat von d is so butch. i think sandra bullock looks like a plastic anus but she’s still hotter than kat von d.