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Must…Resist…Temptation…To Pity… Jesse…James

Jesse James Cries In Nightline Interview

Everyone’s talking about this Jesse James Nightline interview that’s supposed to air on Monday night and ugh, it’s not looking good for those of us who want to keep hating him. Perhaps his act will be as transparent as Tiger’s, but the soundbites that are being released by ABC are kind of heartbreaking.

In the interview Jesse calls himself “the most hated man in the world” and says that he knows he “took a pretty amazing life and amazing success and marriage … and threw it away by [his] own hands.” He also got so worked up that at one moment during the interview he starts to cry and asks to take a break.

I’ve got a softspot for that meathead somewhere, and while my desire is to keep hating him for what he did, I know that I can be broken. Sure, I won’t forgive him for what he did, but it’s like taking back an ex-boyfriend who used to be a cokehead or something. Part of you’s like, “he’s a sick man and I shouldn’t turn my back on him.” Ugh.

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  • Aw, come on Molls – stick to yer guns! He is an anti semite and a homophobe – maintain the hate just like he does!

  • Must….resist…..temptation……to…….scoff…..that…..Molls…….might……….actually…..have…….exboyfriend.

  • From what i have gather the man is not sorry. He is a hateful person. He hates the blacks the gays the jews. He is another Hitler. I mean we all make mistakes and no shit just doesn’t happen i have been there. Sex just doesn’t happen. So i could maybe maybe understand 1 time but multiple times with different women. That man is not sorry he did it hes sorry he got caught.

  • All acts man, don’t let him fool you guys. They weren’t real tears. His words means nothing. Stop being so soft.

  • I have no doubt he is doing this hoping it will get back to Sandra, and she will decide to give him another chance. Jessie is a bottom feeder. He will never change, he will continue to cheat, and proved it when he did not accept full responsibility for his actions.. instead calling it a “sexual addiction” which is BS.

    • i agree, much of the info we have seen has been speculation and rumor with no background or context.

      The cheating is pretty clear but all the other stuff is hearsay.

  • I don’t know…I’m with you Molls. I don’t want to like him.

    But, I was on TMZ today and they were doing a live feed from the website (you guys should consider a live broadcast as well– I really liked it when I thought it would be stupid) and Harvey Levin, the uber good looking (and totally gay) managing editor, kind of sorta stuck up for him. I was surprised because 1) How can you defend that piece of shit– he wasn’t even drunk like Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic rants and 2) I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Harvey is of Jewish descent based on his name. But Harvey said something along the lines that Jesse actually lived in Israel and heavily participated in some Jewish center (or something like that) while he was there. It does make you wonder. Plus, we’ve all seen the pictures of Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi guard for a costume party and he was never accused of anti-Semitism. He was just accused of being a dumb ass who made a very poor costume choice.

    • there have been a few friends of his that have disputed the claims made by others and have steadfastly defended him not being a racist homophobe.

      I once saw an episode of Monster Garage where there was this huge awkward/weird man dressing as a woman for the build and Jesse was friendly with the him the entire episode.

      it seems like no one has taken the time to realize that the people running to media with pics and information are all people that have it out for him in one way or another.

      That said, no one is defending the cheating with ho’s nor am I saying that does not matter.

  • I never could see what Sandra saw in him in the first place. She can do so much better. Wah, Jessie, Wah.. He’s crying because he got caught. He belongs with someone like that tatoo covered slut he was fooling around with. She is more his style.

  • Jesse and Tiger are fine actors – good enough to fool most women, including the women they marry. So any woman who believes them, for the rest of their lives, is asking to be made a fool of.

    So Sandy and all you white-power, Nazi-loving, tattooed porn actresses of the world, step away from Jesse. Unless you can figure out how to have a kid with him and milk him for child support and/or alimony for as long as you can.

    Just remember to get tested for HIV, Hep C, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, crabs, lice and any other STDs you can think of for as long as you are playing with him. Good luck tattooed ladies! You’ve met your lying, cheating match.

  • He calls himself “the most hated man in the world”.
    Don’t worry Jesse, nobody hates you in my country

    because nobody knows you!

  • No resistance needed here. The fact that he feels so sorry for himself is really an insult to the our intelligence. Why wasn’t he crying while he was nailing all those whores on his sofa?

    Nice try sucker, tell your story walking (off a cliff).

  • He’s full of it – the tears are all of self-pity for himself. Disgusting creep got busted and now he wants you to feel sorry for him. Don’t see anywhere where he has said he will CHANGE and never pull any of that duplicitous deceptive two-timing crap on a woman again. Nope, just waah, waah, waaah, rehab is enough to fool you, why does everyone STILL hate me? Face the music, Jesse. You deserve it because you were hateful to Sandra. Your adultery lasted over a period of years. Why shouldn’t the forgiveness process for you take just as long?

  • I hate everything this guy stands for but what gets me the most is his squeaky high-pitched punk-ass voice…he sounds more like a high schooler than the tough biker he purports to be….that is what surprised me the most.

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