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If January Jones is Knocked Up by Adrien Brody, You’re Going to Have One Seriously Miffed Sarah on Your Hands

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If you haven’t heard by now, wading through the news of the Royal Wedding and their Royal Wedded Bliss, Mad Men‘s January Jones is with child. My first thoughts, seriously, when I heard this news? That this unborn child better not be the offspring of my boyfriend, Adrien Brody. I mean, remember back when it was rumored that Adrien had some kind of obvious lapse in judgment and allegedly hooked up with Jones? She’s been on the DL with her dating, or in this case, as she’s professing to be a ‘pregnant single mom,’ fucking, so the dad really could be anyone, but she’s remaining tight-lipped as to who her baby daddy is. I wonder if she knows. Hell, I wonder if whoever HE is knows.

Uh, congrats. Just don’t let me find out that daddy dearest is Adrien Brody, or I’m going to snit the fuck out.