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For Only $1,000, You Could Meet The Shell of a Human That is Britney Spears

Remember how earlier this week I told you that you can see Britney Spears live for anywhere between $99 and $999? Well, if you’re one of the eleven people on the planet earth rich and crazy enough to buy the highest priced tickets, you also get the bonus of meeting the totally crazy former pop princess in person! Score!

I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone (especially you, Lisa Loeb) that it’s 2011, Britney Spears is freakin’ crazy and the apocalypse is going to hit before we all know it. Anyone who’s spending $1,000 to watch Britney lip sync through 12 songs and then shake her insane hand deserves the devastation that they will suffer when they spent their food and guns money on such a silly and frivolous thing.

2002 Britney? That maybe would have been worth the cash, but the warbly maniac with the crooked weave is no longer worth your time and money folks. Sorry.

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  • “Shell of a human” is just outright fucking rude.

    Makes YOU a rude pathetic shell of a human.

  • You’re right Molls. It’s like she’s told us all she doesn’t love us anymore and we still won’t break up with her. Girl seems tired of playing pop puppet, enough already.

  • Yes, but she’s promised NOT to lip-sync during this tour. I might go, just for the train wreck that will ensue.