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Britney Spears Wants Us to Pay *WHAT* to Watch Her Lip Sync?

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj tour is not to be missed, but unfortunately, I might have to miss it. Why? Because I don’t have anywhere from $99-$999 to spend on a ticket to see them.

With the way Britney’s been acting, the Femme Fatale tour may be her last big outing, but by the time taxes and surcharges are factored into the price of her tickets, she might be performing for an empty arena. When the tickets went on presale and I saw the prices of the packages available, my jaw dropped. I mean, bitch better use all that cash on a new weave.

Check it out:

I know that it costs a lot of money to outfit Britney in those leather bodices and sparkly unitards and I’m sure the pyro and stage production alone is like, ten dollars per seat, but who the hell has that kind of money lying around to blow on an aging pop star who can’t even dance anymore? The draw on this show seems to be Nicki, and even as a huge fan of hers, I really wouldn’t spend much more than fifty bucks to see her live. Like, does a pair of ass implants come free with with every ticket?

Are you going to try and score tickets to see Britney and Nicki’s show? Do you think the prices she’s charging are reasonable for what you’ll get, or are you sucking it up and paying just because you don’t want to miss it?

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  • This is not a fair post. These are all not regular seats, they’re all VIP packages. VIP packages are not for us commoners.

    These are all pre-sale tickets.

    Regular non-VIP tickets are on sale later depending on your city. They are as cheap as $25 depending on where you want a seat.

    So pop off.

  • First, for a grand, there needs to be some sort of intimate show that somehow includes physical contact. And, if avicutez is right, even at $25, which is surely in the nose bleed section, why pay for Brit? She used to be hot, but at this point going to her show is more like charity than entertainment. I am sure Nicki will do great, but wow.