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And Here I Was Thinking That the VIDEO Was Bizarre

So Katy Perry and Kanye West performed their latest single on American Idol last night, and as I’ve probably said before, I haven’t watched a single episode this year. However? My mom called me in the middle of this performance and asked me who the hell these weird-ass people were, lip-syncing and trudging all over the stage, singing about aliens – and I just KNEW that she was talking about Katy and Kanye.

As for my mom, I’m not sure if she understood what was really happening on stage, and maybe she liked it on the whole, but I also sometimes wonder if I’m not adopted. See, my mom’s a big Lady Gaga fan, and I KNOW that shit didn’t get passed down to me.

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  • I didn’t see the live performance, but from what I can tell, there is no lip-syncing here. I know they have let celebrity performers lip-sync in the past, but from all the controversy, I think they have wisely stopped that. With that said, it sounds like Katy Perry can actually sing live. Who would have thought?

  • I don’t know why but I love that song. There is no way that she is singing live there. She has a shitty voice, good call on the lip-syncing Sarah.

  • What does that mean Sarah? You’re not going to run out and buy her blood and semen scented “perfume”? LOL

  • I must say, I lol’ed after watching & reading ‘trudging all over the stage’. Thats exactly what it looks like lol