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Further Proof That Lady Gaga is an A-Hole

photo of lady gaga and the evil queen at disney world sleeping beauty pictures photos

I know a lot of you hardcore Gaga fans are probably just fucking squeeing with a hard on-like delight over her dramatic pose with Maleficent* at Disney World, but to me, this is just continual confirmation that Lady Gaga is a twat. She tries to be all edgy and cool, and anyone else posing for this photo would probably be way cute and fun, but not her. Nope. You know why? Because everything Gaga does is for show. Everything she does is to encourage you to say ‘Man, she’s just COOL.’ And to me? There’s nothing less cool about someone who tries so damned hard to be cool. Maleficent?  Well, she almost covered up that fact, but things are what they are, you guys, no matter how many fabulously evil Disney queens are brought into the mix.

*Totally not Maleficent, thanks readers. I was more of an Aladdin and Lion King fan anyway, and there’s definitely no mixing up Scar and Jafar in those flicks.

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    • Damn, good call.

      I never was really good at identifying the various baddies from early Disney movies, but hey. :)

  • funny, i get the same twat-y vibe from you, sarah!

    you’re getting paid to do a job. do your fucking research once in a while.

  • I agree. GaGa is not brilliant. She’s not spontaneous and she’s not genuine. She is, however, really fucking annoying.

  • Oh no oh NO an artist who won’t actually pretend she’s just a normal person and then go back home in her really expensive car with her personal assistants whilst still pretending she’s normal. Seriously Sarah, get a fucking grip, you hate on Gaga so much and you don’t even give a good reason. Of course she does it for a show, she’s already said she will never be seen in a tracksuit. If you can’t even see why she’s earning so much money then I don’t know why you are writing a gossip blog.

  • She should have taken a bit of that apple. Then it might have worked better… Ir wit… maybe she did…

  • Wow, this sarah girl is obviously just a hater, who has close to 10 million twitter followers? lady gaga. obviously she is worth something for that many people to research her! i saw her in concert last monday (: best d*** day of my life! stop using her name to get your lame a** pathetic blog read! u suck!

  • No wonder you don’t like people who are cool. You are dumb. Haha! If you want to be an effective blogger, know the characters you are bashing and praising.