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Blind Item: Which Teen Star Got Drunk and Puked in a 7-11?

This blind item is for all you adults who love TV intended for children. I know there’s plenty of you out there.

Apparently one of the lesser-known stars of a show on one of these kinds of networks was recently overserved and it ended with her puking her guts out on the floor of an LA convenience store…

From BlindGossip:

This little known star on a children’s network just had a hush-hush moment after getting so drunk this week that she threw up on the floor of a local 7-Eleven. It was all made right when mommy manager swooped in and saved her with a stack of twenties in the cashier’s pocket.

So this is what we’re looking for: A B or C character on a Disney/Nickelodeon/Teen Nick-type show that is female, has a momager, and probably too young to drink legally. I’m guessing it’s a Disney star, because we all know how those kids turn out.

I’m mainly a Degrassi: The Next Generation girl and haven’t seen too many of the newer teen shows, so I won’t be of much help in terms of coming up with possible guesses, but the comment section on BlindGossip has Keke Palmer, Bella Thorne and whoever the chick is that plays Sam on iCarly as possibilities. I also like the guess of Brenda Song, who recently starred in The Social Network. The idea of her getting tanked at an Oscar party last weekend seems as realistic as any other scenario.

Your guesses in the comments, please.

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