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Demi Lovato Looks Great in NYC, and I Have a Confession

I think I have a sister-crush on Demi Lovato. I think she’s adorable, beautiful, funny, and all-out sweet. All of that Joe Jonas business? Ugh, girl, you are so much better without him, ’cause he’s a tool who only dates women with really strong eyebrows, and you’re perfect just the way you are. Even if you did have some fun, virginal chemistry with him in Camp Rock, you’re better off. You’re going to do some big things, girl.

And about this Camp Rock business … I have to admit: I was a big fan. I’m not normally a Disney-watcher (I’m twenty-seven years old, for fuck’s sake), but I stumbled upon the debut of Camp Rock a few years ago when it first aired and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. No matter how I wanted to flip past the channel, I couldn’t. The only way that I was able to stop the madness was when my husband came home from a golf tournament that night — as soon as I heard the key in the front door, that shit was gone. Could you imagine? How embarrassing. Much to my poorly-executed chagrin, however, he turned into bed early and I was able to resume watching … Camp Rock. Loved it. And it’s become The Day After Tomorrow for me — one of those movies that just has to be watched when it’s on television, regardless of what’s going on that day or night.

Is it one of my favorite movies? Hardly. Would I go out and rent it, or worse, buy it? Fuck to the no. One thing I will say, though: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam debuts September 3rd at 8 PM ET sometime soon, and I am all about that shit.

I mean, uh, cool for them.

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