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Quotables: Charlie Sheen Admits to Current Drug Use …

A photo of Charlie Sheen

“I am on a drug.  It’s called ‘Charlie Sheen!'”

I’m sorry, you guys, I couldn’t resist.  Charlie Sheen is just so on fire right now.  This beautiful man just did his first televised interview since his life fell apart this last time – part of the interview is going to be on Good Morning America on Monday and then there’s going to be a 20/20 on Tuesday night with the whole thing – and judging by TMZ’s promo, it’s going to be a spectacular event in television. Don’t get me wrong, this guy’s great on radio (and everywhere else in this world), but just look at his crackhead expressions.  Tuesday can’t get here soon enough.

Oh, but in case you looked at this headline and grew concerned over Charlie’s drug use, calm your heart, because Charlie’s clean.  We know this because he pissed in a cup in front of three dudes from Radar.  The test confirmed that Charlie hasn’t smoked weed for the past 40 days and that he hasn’t had coke or meth in the past four days.  He also did a blood test, and those results should be in later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Strangely enough, no one’s said anything about booze.  Did everyone forget that he’s into that too?  Or does he not have to cure his alcoholism with his mind because it’s not illegal?

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