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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, you guys!  Are you into this sort of thing?  I’m not sure, because I’ve carried over feelings for this holiday from elementary school (i.e., I’m baking cupcakes and crafting and passing notes with this boy I like), but according to Facebook, a lot of people use this day to eat their feelings or to indulge in some latent alcoholism.

Luckily for us, celebrities are just as versatile as all our chatty Facebook friends, so let’s go ahead and check out some Tweets and then discuss our feelings, all right?

A photo of Fran Drescher's Twitter

First we have the beautiful Fran Drescher, emphasizing the importance of love.  Say what you will about Fran, but when it’s 4:00 AM and you’re drowning in Boone’s Farm and self-loathing, reruns of The Nanny are a great life preserver.

A photo of Amber Rose's Twitter

Next we have Amber Rose with some “real talk.”  This is as real as it gets, people – it doesn’t matter if you’re making sweet monogamous love with your life partner or banging some dude you met in a bar so you’ll feel less lonely – safety first.  And I’d trust Amber if I were you. She dated Kanye.  She knows.

A photo of Aisha Tyler's Twitter

And finally we have Aisha Tyler with even more real talk.  If you’re in a relationship and this is how your Valentine’s Day works, then I’d schedule some time for reflecting if I were you.

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  • I think all three have definite quality. When the holiday itself is concerned, I go with Aisha. With life in general, I’m with Fran. But Amber is right. I grew up with TLC saying wrap it up, and it’s true. Love to you, Em.