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Aisha Tyler

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry got married!

sara gilbert linda perry

It was about a year ago when Sara Gilbert announced her engagement to Linda Perry, and things still must be going pretty well, because they’ve actually tied the knot!

We don’t know too many details besides what Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen revealed on The Talk on Monday, after Sara and Linda had set off for their honeymoon:

“It was an amazing, amazing night,” Aisha Tyler told the audience. “[It was] beautiful and it was at sunset and just overlooking the ocean. I mean we can’t tell much about it because we want Sara to talk about it.”

Echoed fellow host Julie Chen: “It was magical. It was the most beautiful ceremony … When she returns on Monday, we’re going to show you pictures from the wedding and talk about it.”

Sounds lovely! I love me a gay wedding, so I’m all for this. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Whose Line Is It Anyway? Is COMING BACK!

drew carey colin mochrie whose line is it anyway

Whose Line Is It Anyway? the improv show hosted by Drew Carey from 1998-2004, is coming back. My inner nerd could not be more excited. The outer one too. I once spent an entire Saturday watching old episodes on YouTube. Worth it 100%.

The CW picked it up and Aisha Tyler (Archer) will host. Apparently the old cast of Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady will also return, along with a rotating special guest per episode. The format of the half-hour show is comedians doing improv games based on prompts from the host and suggestions from the audience. A “winner” is arbitrarily chosen at the end (“Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.”). The show became something of a cult classic and I am in that cult. Please watch some clips on YouTube.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today and they’re legit, so I trust them. CW network president Mark Pedowitz ordered 10 episodes for this summer. The exact date is TBD. Here’s hoping they do really well and get a regular place in the CW lineup!

Okay, Not to Be a Bitch …

… but if my legs were actually coneshaped, I just wouldn’t wear a whole lot of those dresses with the really high slits. I just wouldn’t. Honestly, Tyra, you are still a very beautiful woman, but play down the legs. Play them down.

For good measure, America Ferrera, doing it (almost) right. Prop up the breasts, America. Prop them up.

Also, Aisha Tyler, because I love her. Whoever set up the red carpet at this event was retarded. All the celebs are trying desperately not to squint, with varying degrees of success. And I suppose I do have to hand it to Tyra and her years of modeling experience — she manages to make her face look stunning despite the fact that the sun seems to be in everyone’s eyes.

Pics from 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards in LA this weekend.