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Amber Rose: Kanye Saved Me

photo of kanye west and girlfriend, amber rose for louis vuitton photoshoot

” … from ever having to clothes-shop at Walmart ever, ever again.”

No, that’s not what she really said, but in essence … yeah, it was:

“Honestly, Kanye saved my life, and I don’t even think about what I would have been; I just think about what I’m going to be…I don’t look at myself as a celebrity. I’m just a dope chick from South Philly! I mean, it’s crazy when fans come up to me and cry and just want a hug from me. It bugs me out! But it’s really cool.”

Yeah, Amber.  Really, uh, radically bangin’.

… Fucking cheeseball.

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  • Imma looks like Bubba Blue from Forrest Gump. Shrimp samich, shrimp cocktail, shrimp bitches, shrimp voice of a generation, shrimp fish sticks…….

  • She went from a white girl lesbian stripper to a model who's been in Vogue, damn, Kanye is a moracle worker.

  • love it. Hey EBD…how come you are staying out of the catfight in the other room re: Miley Cryus? M-E-O-W the claws are out over there…yet no one addressed the fact that she's such a shitty dancer!

  • Uh, does she mean dope chick literally perchance? Maybe that's what he saved her from. Then again, out of the dope frying pan and into the Hennessey fire.

  • I think she's pretty and he's so crazy and pedantic he's cool, as long as nobody takes him seriously. And he has some tunes, admittedly.

  • Don’t call Amber a cheeseball, I love her, she’s hot, and I’m glad she and Kanye we together, I wanna see her in some movies and shit!

  • i kinda lik kanye but his gat a weird weird gal frnd nd d one thang abt her i ha8 d most is dat she keeps displayin her fat ass..its crazy

  • I really like this story. I mean, Kanye may did change Amber’s life for good. So, forget all the stupidity that Kanye did and see his positives.