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Tila Tequila and Kate Major: New BFF Alert!

A photo of Tila Tequila and Kate Major

Photo via Radar

You know these ladies.  Kate Major, former girlfriend of Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin, and Tila Tequila … well, I think we’re all familiar with Tila Tequila’s contributions to the world.  This picture was taken of the two women out at a party in L.A., and don’t they just look so chummy?  Understandably so – can you imagine the kind of hijinks these two could get in together?  Tila could introduce Kate to the world of music, and Kate could introduce Tila to the world of dating shady dudes.  This is the new Laverne and Shirley, guys, believe it.

Also, in that picture there, do you guys see a little scar where Tila’s oversized bandaid used to be, or is that just me?

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