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Margot Robbie Transforms into Tonya Harding

Margot Robbie is gorgeous. We all know that.  So I don’t this to seem like “how could  someone so pretty play Tonya Harding” kind of thing… but many doubted she could ever look like the infamous ice skater when it was first announce she would play her in an upcoming biopic of the disgraced olympian.



Well boy are our faces red.  The usually ultra-glamorous Australian actress, 26, was photographed on the set of I, Tonya on Monday, January 16, and looked exactly like her.  The newlywed donned high-waisted jeans and a marbled sweater with equally ’90s volumnized curls and appeared to be wearing prosthetics to perfect Harding’s facial features. 2017-01-16 15-27-37


The biopic brings back to life Harding’s 1994 attack of rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. In one of the biggest and most notorious sports scandals in American history, Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and bodyguard hired a hitman to injure Kerrigan seven weeks before the 1994 Winter Olympics. The hitman brutally clubbed Kerrigan in the knee while she was leaving practice in Detroit in an attempt to break her leg; the aftermath was captured on videotape, in which an injured, distraught Kerrigan cries “Why me?” Kerrigan ended up still making the Olympic team, however, and finished with the silver medal, while Harding ultimately fumbled after her lace broke and finished in 8th place.