Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Swiss Army Man

During Sundance 2016 I read about this film starring Paul Dano (remember the guy who gets beaten with a bowling pin by Daniel-Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood) and Harry Potter (god he must hate this) ehm…Daniel Radcliffe. A film so ridiculous and disgusting that many walked out. A film in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a farting pooping corpse. A film where Daniel’s penis is used as a compass (he sure likes to get his penis out and about – remember Equus?). A film where Daniel’s body is used a jet ski. I thought for sure this must be some strange performance art joke put on by Shia Thebeef. Instead it turned out to be very real, so real A24 bought the North American distribution rights during the Sundance festival and recently the worldwide rights. Seems like A24 is banking on this one being majorly profitable.  

The trailer was released yesterday and with 2 million views and counting, perhaps they will be right. A24’s IMDB reads like quirky list of indie hits and misses. As someone in the youtube comments aptly observes : So someone smoked crack and watched Castaway and thought “what if Wilson was a dead body?”? — Well PillCosby, sometimes thats how true creative breakthroughs come