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Drew Barrymore’s “Hippie-Dippy” Personality Destroyed Her Marriage

drew barrymore will kopelman divorce
Drew Barrymore has been a free spirit pretty much forever — well, at least since she stopped doing hard drugs a decade or two ago. She’s a bit out there, sorta eccentric, but generally pretty chill and inoffensive, so I don’t mind her. One person did mind her, though, and that’s Will Kopelman, her husband — or should I say, soon-to-be ex-husband. If you hadn’t heard already, they’re getting divorced, and it’s all down to Drew’s “hippy dippy nature”, apparently.

“She’s so hippie-dippy and all over the place and it started to become unbearable for him,” a source told Us Weekly this week.

They added that the 41-year-old actress “tried to be what Will wanted” but that “she just isn’t a normal housewife” due to her carefree and free-spirited nature.

“She just didn’t fit in,” an insider said of the actress, who reportedly found the quest for perfection as “tough”.

“Will is a great guy from a stable family and everything she didn’t have growing up, but it just wasn’t making her happy.”

Are we seriously trying to cast a successful Hollywood actress – who’s also a millionaire, I hasten to add – as an outsider in any way, shape or form? Are you kidding me? I get that the story is painting this portrait within the context of her marriage, but that’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s a celeb marriage that broke down, the end. People change and grow apart, relationships end. In other words, shit happens.

Now, does Drew seem like a bit of a space cadet and would I find it hard being around her 24/7? Yep. But the difference is, I’d never marry her! Her personality is her personality, and I doubt Will didn’t know this going in. C’mon.