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Kim Richards Has Been Trying To Buy Xanax At Her Local Smoke Shop

kim richards

About a month ago, Kim Richards was arrested for trying to steal $600 worth of shit from Target. That arrest came just a few months after she was taken into custody for going on a drunken rampage against a police officer, went to rehab, then promptly checked herself out. As you can tell, things are going well for Kim, and lately she’s been repeatedly trying to buy Xanax from an LA smoke shop, to no avail.

From TMZ:

We’re told Richards went to a smoke shop in Sherman Oaks several times this week, asking for the Rx drug. People in the shop say employees were perplexed because drugs aren’t sold there, but Kim insisted a family member claimed she could score the drugs there.

We’re told Kim was turned away each of the 3 separate times she showed up. On one occasion, someone in the store watched her leave and then go inside another smoke shop nearby.

As for why Kim was on the hunt for Xanax, she says she needs it because she has a foot injury … which obviously makes no sense because Xanax is for anxiety.

Does this woman seriously not have anyone in her life who cares about her enough to intervene here? I know she’s an adult and can do whatever she wants, but how is no one stepping in here to help her get her life together? It just seems odd that she’s driving around LA making a fool of herself by begging for Xanax. Also, don’t rich/famous people have ways of getting prescription drugs much easier than trying to score at a smoke shop? Something just seems so wrong here, on so many levels.

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