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Vanessa Williams Finally Gets An Apology From Miss America

vanessa williams

Back in 1983, Vanessa Williams was crowned the first Black Miss America, which was monumental and wonderful… until they took her crown after Penthouse published nude photos of her, which apparently is un-Miss America-like. It was bullshit back then and still is today, but now, more than 30 years later, Vanessa finally received an apology from the organization during this year’s ceremony in Atlantic City.

From US Weekly:

“On behalf of today’s organization, I want to apologize to you and to your mother, Miss Helen Williams,” CEO Sam Haskell said. “I want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less the Miss America that you are and the Miss America that you always will be.”

Williams’ response? “So unexpected but so beautiful,” she said. “I love the girls and I’m so honored to be back.”

Well, I suppose all’s well that ends well, so good for her. The whole pageant is ridiculous to start with, but at least the organization is trying to be more modern and accepting, so better late than never. I realize I’m using a lot of old adages here, but whatever!

Here’s a video from back when the original scandal broke. It’s hard to believe that 30 years ago, we were so uptight about shit like this. Nowadays people are leaking their own sex tapes and no one bats an eye. Vanessa Williams is class, so it’s about time she’s got her crown back.

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