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Justin Bieber Shotgunned A Beer In Las Vegas


Justin Bieber may be a changed dude (NOT), but he still likes to let his Kate Gosselin circa 2005 hair down and have a good time. While in Las Vegas ahead of the upcoming Mayweather/Berto match, he decided to enter a head-to-head competition to see who could shotgun a can of beer the fastest. He lost, but at least he gave it his best shot. He posted the video on Instagram with the caption “I lost but I didn’t go to college”… which, what? Is he bragging about the fact that he doesn’t have a college degree? Is he claiming that college is where you learn to shotgun beers? Because if so, I certainly missed that lesson.

I lost but I didn't go to college @sammy

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Well, I guess that seems like fun… Why do people do shit like this? If I have a drink, I want to enjoy it rather than guzzling it down in competition mode, but I suppose to each his own. Bieber is a lightweight, though – that guy totally clocked him and was done, like, a full 10 seconds before Bieber (and you can tell Bieber didn’t even empty his can). Boo!

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