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The Duggars Need Your Love & Money… But Mostly Your Money

19 kids and counting

After news that Josh Duggar molested at least five underage girls a few years back, TLC really had no choice but to cancel the cult favorite series about America’s former favorite cult, 19 Kids and Counting. The decision actually cost the network upwards of $19 million, but there’s no price that can be put on human decency. But not having a TV show isn’t only affecting TLC, it’s affecting the Duggar family. After all, when you’ve got dozens of mouths to feed, someone‘s gotta pay for it! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are hoping that’ll be you kind people, and they’re begging for your love, support, and most importantly, your money.

The Daily Beast did a great round-up of all the money-making schemes the Duggars have concocted as of late to make up the $40,000 per episode fee they’re no longer receiving:

First, shortly after the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, Duggar daughter Jill and husband Derick Dillard asked again for donations to their tax-deductible organization Dillard Family Ministries, which funds their evangelical work in Central America. The Dillards currently accept donations online with suggested monthly donations ranging from $15 to $100.

The Arkansas Secretary of State’s website shows that the nonprofit paperwork for Dillard Family Ministries was filed on June 17, a little less than a month after the allegations against Josh first came to light.

Then, shortly after TLC reportedly confirmed the cancellation of her wedding special two weeks ago, newly-engaged Duggar niece Amy gave out an address on Instagram for any fans who would like to send “cards and etc.,” promising to “personally hand write” a letter to anyone who sent a card or—wink, wink—an et cetera. Amy denied she had any financial motivations for the post.

“For us it’s not really about the gifts or money, but we would like the chance to personally thank everyone!” she wrote.

The Duggars are also selling t-shirts with the Duggar Studios logo on it, and they even had a donate button on the YouTube channel itself, despite the fact that there are only 15 videos on the channel, all under 10 minutes long, and the last one was uploaded over three months ago. After they got completely slated for it, they removed the button, but they still want your money.

Fuck the Duggars. Sorry, I had to say it.

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  • They are probably running a scam but people dumber than even they are will probably fall for it.

    • Well, they better be damn careful if they are. PTL found out the hard way what happens when you ask for money for one thing and then spend it on another. It’s called fraud and the IRS has a great big boner for that stuff. Maybe they could go on welfare. Hard to believe they didn’t save any money from the series….that’s not very responsible for Christian parents not to save money to support their children.