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Kylie Jenner Adopted A Pet Rabbit & Named It Bruce

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Here’s what I want to know: What the hell happened to the dog that Kylie Jenner adopted months ago, and what is wrong with celebrities adopting/buying animals willy-nilly and then just basically abandoning them and moving on to the next one? How is this a thing, and why? I mean, I know she hated the puppy because it took too much time away from her and her plastic surgeon, but come on. Kylie’s latest foray into the world of pet ownership comes in the form of a pet rabbit… which she’s named Bruce. Uh, awkward?

Kylie has been hanging out with singer Pia Mia for a while now, and this past week, the pair were posting Snapchats of a fluffy grey rabbit, which Pia later revealed that Kylie had indeed adopted the rabbit and she feels “so good” about it… likely because she won’t ever have to look after it beyond Instagramming a few pictures of the poor animal and then she’ll just forget about it and leave it for someone else to clean up after.  Lovely.

Why on earth she felt the need to name the rabbit Bruce is beyond me, as well. Yeah, obviously I get that it’s a nod to her father, but like… really? It’s so wrong on so many levels.

Here’s the Snapchat in question:

Kylie in Pia Mia's snapchat (princesspiamiap)

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