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Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas Are Dating Now

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You never really hear much about Kendall Jenner‘s dating life (and I’m not complaining) save for a few random rumours here or there, like that time she was linked to Justin Bieber. Well, now we have a REAL report – or so it seems – and it seems Kendall is dating Nick Jonas. Uh oh, cute couple alert!

From E! Online:

“It’s very new,” says a source. And although Kendall, 19, and Nick, 22, have spent plenty of time together thanks to mutual pals Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas, they’re not getting too serious too quickly. They are, after all, still in the very early stages of this relationship.

I mean, look, I don’t care about either of them individually (or really as a couple), but I do think they just… look right together, if that makes sense, at least aesthetically speaking. I don’t think this is going to turn into some whirlwind romance that will last for years or anything, and I’m sure it’ll be over by the time I’m finished writing this, but whatever. Have fun, you crazy kids! Ya look good together!

The source article mentions that they’re taking it slow partially because they’re both so busy in their respective careers, which likely means that they will barely even see each other, which might allow them to drag this thing out a little bit longer. I give it… hm… three months?

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  • He’s 5’6″. She’s 6′. He’s tight with his family. She’s part of “that” family, He’s straight. She swims in the Lady Pond. Could work.

    • I don’t like him but I must point out that takes confident to date a woman taller than you I know because I’m 5″2 and and I dated a lot of 5″6 and 5″8 even a 6 ones, now talking about her looks like she likes baby face boy first Bieber now him.