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Robin Thicke Is Engaged To His 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Of 8 Months

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It was only three short months ago that Robin Thicke and his new 20-year-old girlfriend, April Love Geary, were laughing hysterically over the fact that they had to constantly take their dogs to the vet since the animals kept getting into their weed stash. How hilarious! Totally responsible pet ownership, and the foundations of true love! Now, after only eight months of dating, they’ve decided to tie the knot! That’s right, Robin and April are engaged, and this relationship is totally going to last forever!

From Life & Style Mag:

“Robin recently proposed to April and she said yes,” a source close to the couple tells Life & Style. Robin and April, who are 18 years apart in age, have only been dating since October, but, according to the source, “he doesn’t want to risk losing her.”

“Robin’s moving really quick with the relationship,” says the source. After all, his divorce from his wife of nine years, actress Paula Patton, was finalized less than four months ago.

“Both his parents have told him to take some time and not rush into marriage again so soon,” the source shares. But he’s not listening to those pleas. “They go almost everywhere together. He’s totally obsessed with her.”

Wow! That’s… special. Don’t you love when women immediately hop into bed (and into a relationship) with men who are notorious cheaters, thinking the same thing will NEVER happen to them? Then again, she’s still basically a child, and I kinda expect all 20-year-olds to be stupid (that’s not a harsh judgment, it’s true – EVERYONE is dumb at 20, even though we think we know everything at that age). This is just one gigantic disaster.

But, uh… congratulations?

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