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Has Ben Affleck Found True Love WIth His Kids’ Ex-Nanny?

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Shortly after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced plans to divorce after 10 years of marriage, it was revealed that he likely had an affair with the nanny the couple hired to look after their three young children (and whom Jen later fired). Obviously Ben has never confirmed or denied this dalliance, but apparently the nanny in question, 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian, thinks they’re in it for the long haul and have found true love together.

From US Weekly:

When Garner discovered there was something going on between her estranged husband and Ouzounian, she let the babysitter go. But the ex-sorority girl wasn’t cut from Affleck’s life.

The pair spent time together at Affleck’s new L.A.-area rental on July 17 and, says the Ouzounian pal, were in constant contact over text and email. “She says Ben really, really likes her,” says the friend. “She’s saying this is true love.” (A rep for Affleck tells Us “all allegations of a romantic relationship are baseless and untrue.” Ouzounian couldn’t be reached for comment.)

Yes, I’m sure this is going to work out. They’ll probably get married and live happily ever after. I mean, come on – I know the girl is only 28, but could she possibly still be naive enough to believe this shit is ridiculous. Come on, women. WAKE UP.

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  • Nawh, he is using the stupid babysitter for a romp, and final blow to the loyal, trusting wife.. to make damn sure this last breakup works in full view of the public eyes. He’s a man on a mission., no more more marriage counsel chats, making promises he doesn’t want to keep. To insure. the divorce is quick, their totally over being married sticks and he can go about single as he wants to be.. without snide gossip comments about an absent, cheating dad, just send the kiddo’s to his smaller mansion from the big house in Georgia for their visits and he’ll have someone he hired there to watch over them.. heh heh.. Zap! Kick and stomp hard on the old lady’s complaints.. Jen gets to live in their bigger home, he can check in when he wants.. and no more bribes, excuses, accusations and hiding when he’s away.. Such a fine, trustworthy example he has become for a person seeking any political office..