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Chris Brown Is Being Held Hostage In Manila

chris brown

Things aren’t going well for Chris Brown lately, it seems. First, his group of “friends” break into his mom’s house, and now he’s begging President Obama to intervene on his behalf because he was apparently stuck in the Philippines since he tried to leave without performing a concert he’d been paid to do. Again.

From TMZ:

Turns out Chris Brown’s legal team was wrong — he never got airborne in Manila — he was turned around literally as his plane was on the runway, because he allegedly tried skipping out on a concert. Think of “Argo,” except the plane doesn’t make it out.

The dispute has been brewing for months. Chris was supposed to perform in Manila for New Year’s Eve but was a no show. The promoter says Chris got his million dollar payment and he’s been demanding a refund ever since.

Well, Chris went back to Manila for another concert this week, but when he tried to leave the government blocked the flight after the promoter convinced officials what Chris did amounted to theft.

So he’s now stuck in Manila, sitting in a hotel room and Instagramming for help from Obama.

If you’re wondering what that last bit is about, here ya go:

Why does anyone bother with this piece of shit anymore? He’s squandered any bit of talent he actually had years ago, he’s unreliable, he’s violent, he’s basically a waste of space. Hollywood finally (mostly) got the memo that Lohan was a lost cause, so why not Brown?

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