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Taylor Swift Finally Apologizes & Nicki Minaj Accepts

taylor swift nicki minaj

Don’t worry, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now, because the latest pop feud is done… for now. Taylor Swift finally apologized for being an ignorant, arrogant, privileged something-or-other and Nicki Minaj graciously accepted – or at least decided it’s not worth taking it any further since Swifty will never truly understand, anyway.

It took roughly 48 hours, a deep burn from Katy Perry and all of the Internet turning against her for Taylor (or her PR team) to smash out 140 characters on a keyboard that show her humility, or at least her desperation to stay at the top of the pop music game, unsullied and perfect.

That was the most forced apology (and acceptance) I think I’ve ever seen. I feel like we should all be applauding Nicki for showing so much restraint and grace throughout this entire situation, because she could have snatched Taylor’s edges back to Timbuktu, really. I probably would have done.

But Taylor got out of this what she wanted: she now looks so wonderfully gracious and wonderful now that she’s apologized and it looks like she’ll retain her national hero status. Well, to idiots, maybe.

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