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Chris Brown’s Mom Says His Friend Is Responsible For Home Invasion

chris brown mom

We all know Chris Brown has a history of pretending he’s a thug and trying to join gangs despite being rich and in zero way “street”, but it seems all his posturing has wrought him one thing: having his mom’s house broken into. Thankfully, his mom, Joyce Hawkins, wasn’t hurt and it’s unclear what all was stolen, but Joyce is certain that it’s one of Chris’s shitty “friends” that’s behind the crime.

Chris Brown knows exactly who’s behind the home invasion robbery because it was one of his homies — at least according to Chris’ mother.

Sources close to Chris tell us his mom, Joyce Hawkins, has been warning him for years about people she calls “no good-ass friends” — grown men who make their living as professional hangers-on to Chris.

We’re told the “friends” issue is part of the reason Chris and his mother have been beefing for years. Hours after the home invasion … Joyce tweeted, “Watch who you standing beside.”

Our sources say Joyce thinks Chris’ buddies keep putting him in bad situations — kind of a stereotypical Mom thing to say … but maybe appropriate in this situation.

Lovely. You know, you would think that someone’s first instinct would be to protect and care for the person who birthed him and gave him the life he now throws away on a daily basis, but I’m not quite sure why I”m surprised…

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