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’19 Kids and Counting’ Canceled By TLC

19 kids and counting

Well, it’s official. While TLC had put the Duggar cult’s bafflingly popular show, 19 Kids and Counting, on immediate hiatus once the molestation allegations against Josh Duggar came to light. Well, now it’s official: the network has officially canceled the series and it’s never coming back. Yeehaw!

From CNN:

“Together, we believe we can help families that have been affected by this terrible crime and make sure that parents and others have the knowledge and tools they need to help keep kids safe,” RAINN said in a statement on Thursday.

Marjorie Kaplan, the Discovery executive who oversees TLC, told the Associated Press that “we have a real obligation and an opportunity” to educate people about the prevalence of child sexual abuse.

“The goal is to take what has been a difficult and painful experience, and focus that attention on the really critical issue of child protection and child sexual abuse,” Kaplan said.

No loss there. The fewer messed up religious cults on our TV screens, the better. Bye bye, Duggar family! Hope to see you never!

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  • At least we are starting to wean out tv programming about Southern white trash who were put on tv in the first place because some coke-addicted tv executive thought their stupidity and/or lifestyle was funny.