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Cara Delevingne’s Bisexuality Is Not A Phase

cara delevingne

To be honest, I kinda hoped that Cara Delevingne would stop being a thing by now, but here we are giving her movie roles and still putting her on magazine covers, so it doesn’t look like we’re going to be free anytime soon. One of the most annoying things about Cara is her continued insistence on addressing her sexuality but being weird about it, saying she’s bisexual but she still thinks dudes are ToTeS hOt!!!~*~* so don’t thinks she’s SUPER gay or anything! But also, her bisexuality isn’t just a phase, guys!

From The New York Times:

A recent Vogue cover article led to an online petition protesting the suggestion that her bisexuality might be a phase. Ms. Delevingne, who said she found the protest flattering, though she saw “nothing malicious” in the article itself, said: “My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am.”

Ugh, whatever. If she is who she is, why does she have to CONTINUALLY TALK ABOUT IT? I know she’s famous and likely gets asked about it from time to time, but celebrities also get to say what questions can and can’t be asked, so if she wanted to just get on with her life, she’d shut up about it and live it.

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  • Classic “st8 girlz will break ur heart” response Jennifer. Maybe she has to talk about it because she’s being undermined by lesbian assholes like you consistently siding with the phase theme. She may be getting it’s just a phase thing from the mainstream media, but I mean, she’s still getting the classic hate from the gay community too who don’t think her bisexuality is real either. Bisexuals don’t have it any easier than homosexuals. They get hate from every direction and they need to do more explaining and justifying. She’s dating a girl, she’s dated/slept with dudes in the past and you know what most importantly (here’s the kicker babe so pay attention) She identifies as bisexual. You know how Caitlynn Jenner identifies as a woman, and you were pretty respectful of that? I know its not the same thing and Caitlynn has gone through a lot more to become who she is today, but I think if we can support and accept a transgendered womans transition and existence within society, is it that to far fetched to support bisexuals who identify as being bisexual?

  • ^Well said Ellen!

    I hope CD does continue to talk about her bisexuality – we need more openly bi- people talking and being a presence. I’m bi- and although (thankfully) my friends & family have been nothing but wonderful and supportive, I’ve heard my share of crap from people online. Nothing like being told your sexuality doesn’t exist, or that you’re “greedy”, “confused”, “going through a phase”, “doing it for attention”, or as in my case “you can’t be bisexual! you’re married to a guy!”.

    What Ellen says is so true. There are fabulous out and proud members of the gay, lesbian, and trans community who get tons of support from sites like this, why can’t bisexuals have the same?