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Steven Tyler Releases Country Song: Thinks Country Is “The New Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is good at lots of things: screaming mid-song, dressing like a hipster Colonel Sanders, and being creepy, but is he good at country music? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Tyler released a new country single, “Love Is Your Name” in May, and the video for it is out now. Observe:

If you like scarves, this is the music video for you!

Rolling Stone calls it “out-of-the-box.” Naw, I think it’s pretty much right in the middle of the damn box. Why country? As he told the magazine,

Country is changing. I think country is the new rock & roll — everyone is trying to stretch out.

Yeah, I don’t know if I can agree with that. I’m a fan of the country classics, like Dolly Parton, but as for new/current country, it really honestly doesn’t do much of anything for me.

Here’s what Tyler has to say about the video:

This video has so many personal elements in it for me. I came from a family that was a touring band. I grew up as a young boy with my pet raccoon and my slingshot. My real band Loving Mary is featured in the video. This song and video resemble what the album will sound like.

Yeah, I’m gonna have to decline.

What do you guys think? Especially curious to hear from country fans.

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  • Truthfully, I kindof like the song, but I wouldn’t call it country as much as it sounds like light rock with some country influence. The video, however….ugh. It’s as if he sat down with a bunch of hipsters who think they have an idea of what ‘country’ is. “Hey! We need a piece of straw for him to hold! What about a black guy in a bolo hat playing a harmonica? Cowboy boots? Definitely! Nothing says, “country” like a backyard bbq, right? Let’s throw one of those in here too. Oh, we also need an old rusted truck and raccoon. Can we get those? Where can we get a barn? Can I order on off Etsy?”

    All they need is a three-legged dog and fat man in overalls. It’s just every stereotype of what it is to be country thrown in with a side of leather pants and nail polish (which no self-respecting ‘country’ guy would be caught dead in).

    Not a bad song, but this video is a little over the top. Also, no 20 year old girl that looks like that is going to be interested in Steven Tyler’s old ass.

  • A lot of guys doing country music are rock guys. Because of Miranda Lambert, the girls are twangy country for the most part. OTOH Tyler’s rock music career is over because he’s a joke and he needs some type of career to try and stay in the public eye. So country is logical for him.

  • Steven Tyler is excellent in whatever music he does. This is alot more country than some of the new country I’ve heard and it doesn’t sound just like everyone else!

  • I just melt when I see him that song was so awesome I keep playing it over and over, it also fit him ,mellow in out in his older age, but still see as hell.