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NBC Fires Donald Trump For Being A Racist Asshole

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God, it truly is a wonderful time to be alive. The Supreme Court finally ruled to legalize marriage equality, True Detective is back on the air, and NBC finally fired Donald Trump for being a racist prick. Ain’t life grand?! The final straw was the INSANE speech he gave last week when announcing his intention to run for president (LOLOL), wherein he claimed that all Mexicans are drug-addicted rapists that are contributing to the downfall of this here great country of ours. It truly came off as the rantings of a mad man, and NBC gave him a taste of his old medicine with the whole “You’re fired!” bit.

From TMZ:

Donald Trump has been fired from NBC because of his recent comments about Mexicans, but hey, business is business, so there’s a catch.

NBC just said, “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBC Universal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

The network says ‘Miss USA’ and ‘Miss Universe’ will no longer air on NBC.

As for “The Apprentice,” the network notes Trump has already said he won’t participate because of his presidential run.

BUT … the network says, “Celebrity Apprentice” is a Mark Burnett production and “that relationship will continue.” And guess who hosts that show? NBC did not say it would demand a different host.

He’s now threatening to sue the network, anyway, so I doubt any kind of relationship between the two will continue. But hey, I’m sure Fox News will pick up the series!

Trump is – in words he would use himself – a “major loser”. The sooner this asshole disappears from the public eye, the better.  It’s once again been made clear that money certainly can’t buy you a working brain, and he’s living proof.

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  • Trump, I think we need someone like this that stand up for United states and I hope that this comment will be red out on fox news or whom it may concern… Trump money don’t buy everything but sure does get your foot in door

    • Lordy. He didn’t say, “ALL MEXICANS ARE RAPISTS”. When people like you react like that, I know I’m onto something good.

      I’d vote for him in a New York minute. Much preferred to Killdabeast.

  • i agree with the other 2 posters. honestly, what he said wasn’t horrid and defamatory…it was pretty right on the money. unless you live in a border state like arizona or california, you can’t truly grasp the concept of what he’s saying …but it makes sense. My nail girl came over here from Vietnam in the late 80s, she and her family learned the english language and embraced being an American and became citizens … and did it the LEGAL way. it CAN be done… most hispanics just don’t WANT to cuz it’s a pain in the ass. I work in law enforcement and i cannot tell you how many spanish speakers i deal with that are crappy to me on the phone because i don’t speak spanish, or yell at us because not all the deputies are spanish speakers…really????

    • America is just a bullshit union of states with fucking racist assholes a Donald Trump, “Jamie Sue” and “blondewithnobrain”. Go the fuck away, the world does not need shit like you! Actually the world has to much people. And since retarded racists like you are usually the ones that mostly make it worse, just dissapear!