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Paul Rudd Fell In Love With Himself In ‘Clueless’

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Can you believe that Clueless came out 20 years ago? I seriously start feeling crazy when I think about how fast time flies and how it literally feels like half that time. What is happening?! Anyway, Clueless was the first time we were really introduced to Paul Rudd, and pretty much EVERYONE had a crush on him, including me. And, well, including Paul himself, as he recently joked at an Ant-Man press conference.

“Who didn’t have a crush on Paul Rudd in Clueless?” asked Evangeline Lilly, who appears opposite him in the Marvel film, at a press conference promoting the film in Los Angeles on Saturday. “He was so dreamy.”

“I know, it’s crazy,” shrugged Rudd, 46. “I fell in love with me. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?”

Mock-cockiness aside, Rudd said he was pleased that he’d been able to grow his career since Clueless, which was only his third movie.

“I have gratitude and am so appreciative that I’ve been able to continue to work doing something that I love,” he said. “Not only doing something that I love, but working on movies that I’ve loved. I always try and keep that, kind of saying, ‘I want to work on things that I would want to see.’ For a large part of my career, the vast majority, that’s been true. And I’m just very, very appreciative of that.”

It’s a shame Ant-Man is a thing, because it seems like it’s going to be a disaster, but who knows, maybe not. Plus, I think he’s done enough at this point to earn himself a pass on a few clunkers.

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