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Rose McGowan Airs Out Adam Sandler On Twitter

rose mcgowan

Man, it has to really suck being an actress, right? Rose McGowan is beautiful and talented (and yes, a little eccentric), but she’s not quite at the level where she doesn’t have to audition for parts anymore. So, when she received a script this week, she was likely pretty thrilled at the prospect of going out for a great role… until she got to the notes attached to the end – and realized she’d be acting alongside walking bag of dicks Adam Sandler.

It’s unclear as to whether or not it was Sandler who requested this wardrobe, though McGowan’s mentioning him at all seems to implicate that. First of all, Adam Sandler’s looks  are… well, it would be unkind of me to subject him to the kind of criticism WOMEN DEAL WITH EVERY DAY. But, like, really? Like, no. What the hell that wardrobe has to have with the character and getting the “context of the scenes” makes no sense, either. Fuck Hollywood, man.

Also, fuck Adam Sandler. How does he even keep getting movies? He’s so awful!

(H/T to our own Mireee for the story tip!)

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    • So this is the same Rose McGowen that went to the VMA’s with Marylyn Manson dressed in a chainmail dress with bare breast, nipple and all showing, and her bare bottom out in a thong Rose McGowen? Now she is acting modest after we have seen all but the gyno view? GTFOOH.

      • There’s a difference between free choice and something being expected for someone else’s pleasure. I can’t believe I have to explain that.