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Native Americans Have Had Enough Of Adam Sandler’s New Movie

adam sandlerWe can all agree that Adam Sandler seriously blows, right? It wasn’t always the case. He was funny in his day. He wasn’t my cup of tea, but I can recognize various forms of comedy and recognize talent when I see it. However, in the past 10 years or so, Sandler has gone so far downhill that the hill is no longer in sight and he must’ve fallen straight through to the center of the earth. It’s bad. Come on – Jack and Jill? Grown Ups? Don’t Mess with the Zohan? I could keep going but I think you get my point. The situation is not good – especially now that he’s managed to piss off the Native American community with his new travesty, The Ridiculous Six.

From TMZ:

The movie is called “The Ridiculous Six” and is being produced just for Netflix. It’s described as a spoof on “The Magnificent Seven” … starring Sandler, Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi, Dan Aykroyd, Jon Lovitz and Vanilla Ice.

But the spoofing went too far Wednesday, in the eyes of a dozen actors and actresses who walked off the set. Some of the offending jokes included female characters named Beaver’s Breath and No Bra — and a scene where an Apache woman urinates outdoors while smoking a peace pipe.

Netflix is defending the Sandler flick, saying it’s all a joke. A Netflix rep tells TMZ, “The movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason: because it is ridiculous.” The rep says it’s intended to be a satire of Westerns and the stereotypes popularized in the genre.

The rep adds … the diverse cast “is not only part of — but in on — the joke.”

This wasn’t the first day of filming. In fact, Loren Anthony — one of the pissed actors had previously tweeted how much he was enjoying the project. But after today’s walk out he said, “Today work was no bueno, my native women were disrespected and i walked off set.”

Uh… yikes. Nothing like a bunch of white bros lampooning another culture and not listening to ACTUAL native people when it comes to knowing when they’ve gone too far. This whole thing is going to be a mess, anyway. What the hell is Buscemi thinking being involved with this bullshit? Shut it down!

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  • Diverse?! The main characters not two or three but six are all white. Comedy has REALLY gone to shit lately. Stereotypes n racist comedy is so unoriginal no matter how many new modern spins they try you just can’t polish a turd like racism

    • Black people r racists all the time in their stand up. That’s mostly wut they talk about. I think it’s funny

  • I hope this is the end for him. Disgusting racist shitebag and I’m really disappointed in Steve Buscemi.

  • I think its funny for someone like Mireee to say sandler is a racist… she must not know very much about him. BUT kudos to you. i also think that Steve Buscemi has been in the business long enough to pick and chose what he wants to do. I love him as an actor and I always will. this is not his first movie with Sandler either. I think they work very well together.

    • I really don’t think Adam sandler is racist just thoughtless burnt out of ideas and no longer imaginative as 50 first dates or waterboy

  • Oh please u people r idiots. It’s a fuckin comedy. I agree his humor got old. But beaver breath is funny shit. Wut did these people think they were signing up for? they don’t obviously live like native Americans cuz they wouldn’t try to b up in movies.