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Elton John buys Dolce & Gabbana 24 hours after claiming to boycott the brand

elton john

Part of me was hoping this whole thing was just the usual Daily Mail bullhonkey that’s part for the course around that site – i.e. it generally has zero merit whatsoever. But there’s actual VIDEO of this and the truth is out there: less than 24 hours after making a giant (rightful) stink over Dolce & Gabbana calling IVF babies “synthetic” and claiming that he’d boycott the brand forevermore, Elton John was seen in Los Angeles… carrying a Dolce & Gabbana bag. LOL.

I mean, did Elton actually go to D&G that very day and go shopping? Maybe not. Maybe he was doing what middle-aged ladies on the subway do and carrying his lunch and other random shit he’ll need that day in an old shopping bag because it’s easier than ordering out or carrying an actual cloth bag? Who can say? Either way, this is a hot ass mess.

elton john dolce & gabbana

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