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Scott Disick is spending his rehab time tripping his ass off

scott disick

Scott Disick is finally getting his act together – he’s decided to face his alcohol addiction head on (again) and head off to some alternative rehab in Costa Rica. But what exactly is meant by “alternative”, anyway? I was under the impression that the only way to overcome any kind of substance abuse is to… well, quit doing that substance. But the Rythmia Life Advancement Center has some different ideas: they think Scott should be tripping balls on some ancient herb to quit drinking.

From TMZ:

As we reported … Scott checked into the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, where we’re told they use the African psychedelic shrub Iboga to send patients on a vision quest.

Hang with us … it’s about get even trippier. These “Iboga flights” are supposed to force users to examine their inner selves so they can learn what triggers their addictions. Sources connected to Scott tell us a shaman observes the entire trip, and the center says it’s so effective … it boasts a money back guarantee.

We’re told Disick briefly visited the facility last month to research the place and was convinced Iboga could help him fight his alcohol demons.

Treatment can take several weeks, or as brief as one week — but that would be one helluva trip … we’re guessing.

Wow, that sounds like a totally awesome option for someone with a known proclivity towards substance abuse. I’m sure hallucinogenics will TOTALLY help this asshole quit drinking so he can be a better partner and father to his three kids rather than spending all his time throwing parties where he’s wasted for days on end. Great thinking!

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