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Amy Poehler is Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year

amy poehler hasty pudding

Amy Poehler is awesome, and finally the whole world is starting to realise it. There’s the hilarious Parks & Recreation, her Golden Globes hosting gigs with BFF Tina Fey, her autobiography that came out last year, etc. Harvard’s theatre group is into Amy, too, and they honoured her with their prestigious 2015 Hasty Pudding Award, which is kind of a big deal (kind of). Amy herself was on hand to accept the award in Cambridge, MA last night, and it was apparently a joyous celebration:

“I’d like to thank you, Hasty Pudding, for reminding me how hard it is to write funny jokes,” Poehler, 43, deadpanned at the ceremony, where presenters poked fun at the Parks and Recreation star for never having won an Emmy Award, despite being nominated more than a dozen times.

“When I was growing up in Burlington [a Boston suburb], Harvard University used to be a group of buildings we threw rocks at on our way to a real job. And as I drove by and gave the middle finger to this place, I never knew that you guys would be giving me all this s—.”

Prior to the roast, where she donned a Boston College (her alma mater) cap as she rapped and feigned a romantic encounter with a Kim Jong-un lookalike, the 2015 Golden Globes co-host was paraded around the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a Bentley convertible.

All of that sounds… kind of insane. But nothing else would be right for Amy, and I bet it was an awesome night. Love her! Amy is one of the hardest working women in comedy and has been for decades, so it’s lovely to see her getting more and more recognition, however silly this might be.

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