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Lindsay Lohan might be heading to Broadway

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan recently completed a… well, not an entirely disastrous run in Speed-the-Plow in London’s West End, which must make her a professional theatre actress now, right? According to In Touch Weekly, that’s good enough for Oprah, who wants to put LiLo’s name in lights on Broadwayyyyyy!

An insider tells ‘In Touch,’ “Oprah bought the rights to several books that she wants to produce for the stage, and Lindsay is begging to be cast in one.”

“If that doesn’t work out, she’s hoping Oprah can get her an audition for something like ‘Cabaret,’” the insider adds, explaining that the talk show legend helped Lindsay land her role in ‘Speed-the-Plow’ in London this past fall. “Lindsay needs another helping hand.”

Since her docuseries on OWN, “Lindsay’s referred to Oprah as her fairy godmother,” says an insider.

Well, ain’t that nice? Considering the source, this is likely a load of bullhonkey, but can you imagine Lindsay Lohan on Broadway? Nooooo thank you. I’m trying to think of a book-turned-play she could even star in, and nothing’s coming to mind. Thankfully, I’m sure it’ll never come to fruition.

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  • I thought Oprah killed Lindsay’s reality show because she was tired of dealing with her and her lying?