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January Jones is the man-bashing misandrist you’ve always wished for

january jones

January Jones has been called a lot of things over time, from the inoffensive “untalented” and “a little weird” to the more alarming “ice queen” and “total cold-hearted bitch”. Are any of these things true? Well, I suppose that’s subjective. But one thing’s for certain: January doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her, particularly men. In fact, she believes men should be serving at the feet of women every damn day, and she’s not afraid to share that opinion on Instagram:

#truth stolen from @zoeisabellakravitz

A photo posted by January Jones (@januaryjones) on

Well… that’s certainly a strong point of view.

I suppose we should also acknowledge the fact that she reposted this from Zoe Kravitz, who we can also safely assume is a misandrist, just like January. WHO WILL THINK OF THE MEN?!?!

Basically, I think this whole thing is hilarious. Do I think they actually hate men? No, of course not. Nope, sorry. But I would like to point out the ironic part of this message – the fact that they are equating weakness with having a vagina. So in pumping up women as these superior creatures, they’re also saying that men who aren’t strong are “little bitches with vaginas”. Doesn’t that… sorta defeat the purpose? Am I missing something here?

I’m probably thinking a little too hard – this is Hollywood, after all, not Harvard.

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