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Jennifer Aniston is sick of talking about Angelina Jolie

jennifer aniston

When Jennifer Aniston isn’t being harangued about when she’s going to just have some babies already, she’s reminded that she should totally hate Angelina Jolie for tearing apart her marriage to Brad Pitt. The thing is, Jennifer has – like any normal person would – moved on with her life and has no negative feelings towards Angelina whatsoever, so everyone else needs to follow suit. In fact, she has nothing but nice things to say about Angie and her new movie, Unbroken.

From Entertainment Tonight:

“I think that’s slowly coming to an end. I really do,” she said about talk of their reported rivalry. “I mean, that movie is so beautiful and wonderful and she did such a gorgeous job. I think that it’s time people stop with that petty B.S. and just start celebrating great work and stop with the petty kind of silliness.”

“It’s just tiresome and old,” she added. “It’s like an old leather shoe. Let’s buy a new pair of shiny shoes.”

Well, who doesn’t like shiny new shoes?

Seriously, I can’t even believe she’s still being asked about something that’s a decade old. I mean, I’m sure Jennifer Aniston would rather talk about “The Rachel” haircut more than she wants to talk about Brangelina. Get on with it, people.

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