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Newsflash: Iggy Azalea is still the worst

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I am not a fan of Iggy Azalea and never have been. I find her awkward, contrived, not even marginally talented and incredibly – and defiantly – ignorant of the culture which she appropriates and makes a hefty sum from on a daily basis. And before you get started on the bullshit, miss me with the “white people can rap too, what about Eminem?”-esque comments, because Eminem doesn’t put on a fake Southern accent when rapping but then speaks like the suburban, upper-middle class Australian that she is during interviews. Eminem doesn’t belittle the plight of the back community by saying shit – and I quote – “ANYWAY, now for something that actually concerns me… I’m going on tour!” (for real)… I could go on and on. Oh yeah, don’t forget the song where she refers to herself as a “runaway slave master” and cracks a whip. Like… what?

While Iggy’s biggest nemesis is Azealia Banks (who unfortunately should quit while she’s ahead sometimes so that she can get the credit she deserves for saying cogent and important things as she has during this “feud”), another major hip hop figure stepped forward in the form of Q-Tip, who very graciously tried to explain Azealia’s underlying issue to Iggy in a really kind and patient way. Far more patient than she deserves, in fact. Iggy? Well, she’s not got time for that bullshit. Why bother when her ignorance has been so heftily rewarded already?

Before you read Iggy’s utter trash below, please take a few moments to read Q-Tip’s message to her, so you can see just how dismissive and patronizing this hot ass mess of a woman actually is. Frankly, I’m almost speechless.

Right, now here we go:

Wow. It’s incredible what a high opinion Iggy Azalea has of herself and how little of a clue she has about… well, anything. The fact that she dismisses Q-Tip (who, if anything, should be the one dismissing HER dumb ass) and reduces what he as an ACTUAL hip hop artist and more importantly, as a black man, has to say as “hip-hop squares” is fucking rude as hell. The fact that she thinks she “blends musical genres” and has the nerve to reference “pop rap” like it’s a thing… girl, no. Please no.

Perhaps most importantly, she makes it clearer than ever that she REALLY doesn’t give a shit about everyone she’s offending and cannot cope with criticism other than to write the critics off as “haters”. I mean, she literally said it’s a “slow news week”. Uhhhhhhhh… I don’t think I need to point out everything that’s been going on this week, last week, the past few months… I cannot stand this shitty excuse for a human being.

Let ’em know, Azealia:

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  • I couldn’t pick this woman out of a line up and could care less about her music or her issues or her ignorance. I’ve seen numerous articles on here and other blogs about her and about her feud with Banks. I just never read them because I couldn’t give a crap. But I skimmed this article and it struck me as curious….if she’s so vile, why write about her? Why not just blow her off like she does everybody else?

  • this apropiation crap is so anoying, im tired of americas being all butthurt about everything, hip hop and rap shouldnt be exclusive to a race, just hear how stupid that sounds. let just all of us stay in our corners and dont mix at all, i dont think rap artists would apreciate the low on sales if only black people bought their music.
    also i never hear anything about eminem and find it very depresing how people pick on this person because shes white but i feel its specially because she is a woman.
    Azealia Banks is the worst and its pretty obvious she hates iggy because she has had more success, also she is super racist and has said that bill cosby’s rape or molestation acussations are all because “the white men” want to get “them” (as in black people) down. this chick is crazy and needs to quit twitter like right now.

      • that is exactly what this article is saying, are you kidding me? its about how a white person cant rap because its culture apropiation. i am really not defending anyone here i dont think iggy is great or anything but im tired at how everything in the US revolves around race. also saying “youre stupid” is not much of an argument

      • Nope, wrong. Not what this article is saying at all, actually. Also, I’m going to guess you’re white since you’re privileged enough to complain about how “everything revolves around race” in the US. You better believe it does – particularly for anyone who isn’t white.

  • The funniest thing is that Iggy Azalea isn’t even into hip hop! She tried to make it as a pop singer before turning to hip hop and having T.I. cart her around and teach her how to mimic a black woman. It’s disgusting, she’s disgusting. She knows full well what’s going on and she knows full well how she benefits from being a thin, white, attractive woman. She can dodge the question but not for long, she’s getting so much shit. Especially with her Grammy win, winning over Nicki Minaj was just outrageous and absolutely undeserved.