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Amy Adams bumped from ‘Today Show’ for refusing to talk about Sony hack

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Amy Adams is just lovely, isn’t she? She seems genuinely sweet, she’s adorable, she’s a good actress with a varied choice of projects, mostly all of which are winners, and I just find her incredibly likeable. YMMV, of course, but COME ON. Clearly the Today Show didn’t care about all of that, though – they had no problem bumping her from the show about five minutes before her segment was set to air because she didn’t want to talk about the Sony hack. Wow.

Here’s the NY Daily News‘ take:

Confidenti@l is told that Amy Adams, who got caught up in the scandal when leaked emails revealed she was paid less for “American Hustle” than her male co-stars, “freaked out” before a scheduled appearance on “Today,” refusing to discuss the leaked emails.

Producers insisted that she be grilled on the subject and another source says the interview with the “Julie and Julia” star was “cancelled at the last minute” when they couldn’t agree on what questions she would be asked.

We’re told that Adams, who’s making the media rounds to promote the Tim Burton movie “Big Eyes,” “got aggressive” in the green room before leaving.

Well, I guess they kinda got it right? The whole aggression thing never happened, though – here’s Gossip Cop clearing things up:

The New York Daily News first reported that something had gone awry with Adams’ interview, although Gossip Cop is told that the outlet’s characterization of Adams’ outrage is somewhat exaggerated. We hear the version of events in which Adams allegedly “freaked out” and “got aggressive” in the green room before leaving is not accurate.

Sources tell Gossip Cop that Adams was surprised by NBC’s last-minute request that she talk about the hacking, and expressed her discomfort with the situation. When the show insisted that she answer the questions, Adams relented and agreed to move forward with the sit-down, even though it was her preference to focus on Big Eyes. But when “Today Show” producers realized they might not get significant answers from Adams about the hacking during a live interview, they canceled on the spot.

Also, I don’t feel like going into the sexism aspects of this nonsense, but I suppose it’s worth noting – as Deadline did – that Bradley Cooper, who was also part of American Hustle – wasn’t asked to talk about the Sony hack at all, despite the fact that it would have been far more interesting to ask how HE felt about being paid so much more than his female co-star. That would have been far more provocative than asking a woman to describe shit she deals with on the daily.

The Today Show sucks, end of.

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  • Why would anyone want to answer that kind of question? And why would anyone want to ask it? I get it if it’s an ahole like Paris Hilton or something and you’re David Letterman, but you, sir, Matt Lauer, are NO David Letterman.

  • It’s not wise to accuse and bring down the powerful serious news peoples on NBC and waste the important time of The Kingpin of cruel and rude serial cheater Matty-Lauer you know..? Pffft