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Sofia Vergara aced her American citizenship test

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara was born in Colombia, but she’s lived and worked in America for over two decades, so you’d think she’d have her citizenship by now, right? Well, she does – but she only got it recently, after passing a rigorous and intense naturalization test – and passing with flying colours!

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Sofia chatted about the ridiculousness of the process:

“They make you [jump through hoops] because they have to make sure that you deserve to be part of the country,” she told Kimmel, 47. “The most interesting thing for me was, they give you like a hundred questions that you have to learn, and then they give you a quiz, like a test. I got all questions perfect. Yes, all of them… I got all the questions!”

“You swear that you’re going to fight for the United States… I’m ready! They make you do the swear of the thing… It was easy because the swearing of the thing, you don’t have to memorize or anything. You just repeat! I did it really fast so he didn’t know if I was doing it right.”

Heh, well good for her – Sofia admitted it’s a very emotional experience for her, and I’m sure it is. She’s carved out this life for herself and found so much success, so it’s only natural that having this final big token of being recognized in the country that’s now her home would be a massive thing.

Also, why on earth do people who want to live here have to answer so many questions on shit that everyone born here has no idea about? I bet you 90% of us (or more) would fail the test, because let’s be honest – answering a bunch of questions about history has NO bearing on how you’ll live here now. That whole thing needs to be overhauled. Are you a hard worker? Are you coming to a country to ADD to the economy and the culture here? Are you NOT a psycho? I feel like that’s the most important question. If you’re coming to be a productive citizen, that means a hell of a lot more to me than someone who can answer an outdated quiz… but that’s just me. Let’s let our conservative trolls have fun in the comments!

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  • Good point. some history ok but Id rather theyhave also a section about our laws. they shoul be quizzed in that area too

  • Maybe if the liberals hadn’t been sleeping in US History or civics classes, they would KNOW the answers to most of the citizenship questions. By the way, they ARE quizzed on our laws and how our government works.

    Too bad the hard core Democratic base of the lowest of the low couldn’t be bothered to finish at least high school.

  • Or MAYBE, just maybe, we should make people in this country actually learn what everyone else has to learn? Why does the bar have to be set so low? If people who want to become citizens have to take that test, then it should damn well be part of the criteria to graduate high school.

    It would also be an interesting idea if people had to actually learn about American civics before they went to the polls.

    • Well, that I agree with! If we all knew a bit more about our own history, we might learn from it (but probably not – money rules everything, unfortunately). I do think we could all deal with learning that info; my point is that we make it so that immigrants HAVE to know it, while people born here are allowed to live on in blissful ignorance.

  • Jennifer, girl, if people disagree with you, it doesn’t automatically make them conservatives. Though, I don’t see how being a bleeding-heart liberal is any better. Both factions consist of warped extremists.

  • I forget but there was something written up about the citizenship tests about a year ago and giving the tests to American citizens who mostly failed it. I also remember going through about 25 questions and I absolutely didn’t know all 25 correct answers.